Chris has always had an interest in lyrics and used to jot down his life’s experiences later crafting them into a song. It wasn’t until his introduction to his musical enabler, Wayne Reedhead, that his lyrics could be put to music. A similar partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin were a big influence.

As the 80’s arrived with George Michael, Duran Duran, Wet Wet Wet and Spandau Ballet lighting up the charts, influenced by them, Chris decided that his songs needed to be heard. After many small gigs his songs and style drew an admirer in music management mogul Larry Page (Kinks, Troggs). Larry was most impressed and set about securing gigs in The Rock Garden, London which lead to invitations to play The Intercontinental Hotel on the recommendation of Jimmy Saville for Children in Need and Earls Court, where Chris replaced Wet Wet Wet on the bill, supporting the chart favourite of the time, Betty Boo.

LATEST ALBUM SAPHIRE BLUE - Steve Thorn is now my partner in crime. This very talented man has helped me more than he knows, to take my new songs to a higher plane in order for my life stories to be heard.

The first album although painful and bitter served as a tonic and opened up Chris’s mind to writing again. “Girl” is a moody melancholic enema that flushed away his twisted regrets and tempered bile. It tells of his struggle to come to terms with losing his love and his heartfelt plea for her to realise her feelings before it’s too late. She comes in and out of his head and his heart until he frees himself from the emotional shackles and becomes stronger as he reaches forward and climbs out of his pit of despair and enters up into the light that is hope and a new love for life.

From this new chapter the songs just poured onto the page. “Blue” was the realisation that there is more to life than despair and self-pity and how music can transform your mood and outlook on life. “This Ride” is about the trappings of a possession filled life and a capitalist competitive culture is not the road to salvation. What was once the dream under a Thatcher led government was turning into a nightmare as we lost perspective of what life is really about! “Move on” whilst sounding very much like The Beautiful South both in the haunted vocals and in its political wherewithal, is about not being afraid to make decisions in your life. This very much sums up the direction of feeling as the album evolved and Chris moved on to a happier place. The last track on the album is about losing a friend to a battle with drug addiction and serves as a stark reality that life can throw many things at you. It’s how you overcome them that leaves your mark on the world when you have departed this one.

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