Latest Album - Saphire Blue

Track 01 - Mr Shadow

Never on your own we all have a mr Shadow to get through. Just open your mind.

Track 02 - The game

How little control we have over our destiny the game. Or do we?

Track 03 - Dizzy

A true account of meeting a special lady. Is fate and destiny inevitable?

Track 04 - Out to play

Enjoy the good and bad learning from both (Chris Akabusi) savour and relish life.

Track 05 - Hit and run

Steve Thorn composition. You interpret!

Track 06 - Sapphire

Title track to keep my Dan around forever?

Track 07 - Cotton wool

Met a beautiful sad young lady on a plane. At the hot Malaga airport she hid away at baggage reclaim wearing tights and leg warmers to hide the bones.

Track 08 - Believe me

My wife suffered a mental illness we didn't understand. Serious subject with happy vehicle. Believe me.

Track 09 - Smile

Classic tale of mine and my dads life with his influences I could not put a price on. Thanks Dad

Track 10 - Sold you down the river

An Icon so misunderstood and used who lost his childhood so others would gain.

First Album

Track 01 - This ride

Life can be tough, one step forward two steps back. You cant get off this ride but chase your dreams.

Track 02 - In my dreams

We've all done it, just a smile and your heart misses a beat. Is it worth it?

Track 03 - Today

This is about making the most of your life. You have to make things happen. If you sit on your ass and do nothing, nothing will happen.

Track 04 - Girl

This is a very passionate song private to me. You’ll have to work this one out.

Track 05 - New Song

Light hearted summer song, imagine fresh morning at market and a group of buskers kick of to new song. A beautiful young lady in a vibrant red dress turns and smiles, quite literally got up got out of bed and wrote this.

Track 06 - Come Home

Come home. Relationships don't always agree. The grass isn't always greener, better the devil you know, fireworks don't last forever, friendship can.

Track 07 - Blue

My progression through my songwriting to where I am know. If you want it don't feel blue. Go and get it.

Track 08 - Move On

Getting older, go with the flow, you can't slow it down, enjoy the precious gift of life. Things change don't fight it move on.

Track 09 - Take What Youre Given

Cammeron and Brown arguing,cant they just do whats best.Find the key unlock the door. Don't have to take what were given, look at Egypt.

Track 10 - Phil

(Johnson) Goes home, tells mum he's on a program for heroin addiction. This lovely young fella made a mistake but don't blame him. Rest in peace mate.